Be especially thorough in identifying the following:

Referring to the guide above, identify as many of the craft elements of fiction that have occurred thus far in Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rain Forest.

Be especially thorough in identifying the following:

  • – Characters/characterization: What defining features do the characters have?  What are the characters like (personality, visually)?  What are their stories/histories? Setting(s)/environment: What environments, places or settings are present in the novel?  How do these places influence characters?  How might environment be contributing to the plot’s unfolding?
  • – Plot: What major events transpire that seem essential?
  • – Theme(s): What might the larger importance of this narrative be suggesting?

As you begin to identify these elements, you might consider how they interrelate (such as setting and plot) to suggest a larger meaning about the text related to the themes of the course.

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