This assignment asks you to persuade your audience to invest in a company related to a new growth industry.


You are an analyst for Cutting Edge Capital, a small venture capitalist company that seeks out the best and most innovative new industries, companies, and products for investment. Twice a month your team has a meeting in which each person pitches a new idea worthy of further investigation. For this meeting, each member of your team of analysts has been asked to research an up-and-coming, new industry and pitch the industry (as well as a specific company and company product within this industry) as a key investment opportunity for the company.

You should look at the industry as a whole while also singling out a representative company within the industry to explore further. Your research should focus on showing how promising this new industry is while also covering the potential of the representative company that you are highlighting. For example, a few years ago, you might have covered the new industry of social networking, and your representative company could have been MySpace or Facebook.

You will need to provide evidence to support your point of view. Just your opinion—without research/evidence—will not persuade your colleagues. You will need to back up your pitch of this industry/company/product with logical proof and a compelling story. Look for facts, examples, statistics, stories, case studies, and expert opinions.


Begin by researching current industries. Pick an industry that you believe seems promising. Research it further, and then select a company (start-up or existing) that shows promise in this area. Some suggestions for new industries include: internet hosting and publishing (in lieu of print news), elderly services & home health care, transportation, environmental consulting, financial planning and advising, multifamily homebuilding, fitness, tourism, and social shopping (online auctions, flash sale sites, collective buying sites).

Please remember to choose an industry that you are passionate about; this will enhance the authentic quality of your presentation. Your two main points in the body of your speech include:

  1. Analysis of strength/potential strength of the industry
  2. A description of the company in which you want your audience to invest; as a subpoint, include a discussion of a unique/cutting-edge product or service that they have—worthy of your audience’s investment.

Note: This can be a real start-up company that you are actually trying to fund.



  1. Attention-getting Phase (a strategy used to capture audience’s attention)
  2. Orientation Phase (articulate your purpose and WIIFM)
  3. Credibility Phase (articulate your credibility on the topic)
  4. Preview Phase (preview your main points)

(Transitional phrase to Main Point #1)


  1. Main Point #1 (Description and analysis of the industry you are pitching)

[You will need to convince your audience that this industry is the best one to invest in by providing strong, convincing evidence]

  • Subpoint 1: Evidence to support Main Point 1 (cite source here/if necessary)
  • Subpoint 2: Evidence to support Main Point 1 (cite source here/if necessary

(Transitional phrase to Main Point #2)

  1. Main Point #2 (Description and analysis of the company within the industry that is worth exploring)

[You will need to convince your audience that this company is the best one to invest in by providing strong, convincing evidence. Your discussion of a specific product falls under this main point.]

  • Subpoint 1: Evidence to support Main Point 2 (cite source here/if necessary)
  • Subpoint 2: Evidence to support Main Point 2 (cite source here/if necessary)

   (Transitional phrase to Conclusion)

CONCLUSION (2 phases)

  1. Summary (summarize main points)
  2. Concluding Device (strategy to end on a memorable note; create sense of closure)

Note: If you can make a PowerPoint for the paper that would be better.

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