Picture this: Your child comes home from school, and upon your seemingly harmless inquiry of his day……

Picture this: Your child comes home from school, and upon your seemingly harmless inquiry of his day, he bursts into a flood of tears. You quickly discover an array of causes ranging from the lack of security in the public system to the incompetence of the school-based curriculum. What can you bo about this situation? We are all familiar with that age-old question, “So what did you learn in school today?” that often we overlook it in its simplicity and take for granted its importance to our education. I’ve done extensive research on the subject of education and have collaborated several of its problems into one view. The public system is failing. The solution is homeschooling.

Today I will prove that the advantages of homeschooling far outweigh the disadvantages. We will reveal how homeschooling avoids the violence in our public schools, point out its flexibility and convenience as a learning tool, and demonstrate how it helps to build strong family and personal relationships.

Homeschooling isolates children from the violence in our public schools. We can all imagine how terrible it would be to have to enter a school each day, wondering if we would come out alive. Violence in our public schools has become more and more of an issue in recent years. School shootings such as Columbine in the spring of 1999 have shocked families and students alike into the realization that the safety and security of our public schools are, at the very least, inferior.

According to Dorie Staley, author of an article in the June 2000 journal Roper Review, 99 percent of families have chosen homeschooling after realizing the school environment has been harmful to their child. School, she says, has become equivalent to prison. And in many ways, she’s right. From the mandatory security checks to the elimination of backpacks in some schools, they are very much promoting an uneasy environment, where effective learning is far from a top priority.

Homeschooling not only helps kids avoid the violence in our public schools, it also offers a variety of learning strategies. Homeschooling offers a flexibility in learning and teaching styles unavailable in public schools. We can all remember the eight-hour days and having to schedule our appointments and things around school. In a homeschooled environment, this isn’t necessary. The opposition may claim that this flexibility leads to less structure and effectiveness. But in reality, quite the contrary is true.

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