A video store sells and rents videos to people. A person must be a store member to rent from that store.

Please read the simple scenario carefully for the project, and answer the following questions:

Video Store Project

Case Study Description


A video store sells and rents videos to people. A person must be a store member to rent from that store. On other word, a person who has a membership card may rent from the store while anyone can buy a video.

Members can reserve videos for rent if all copies of it are currently rented. When a video is returned, the member will be called and the video held for up to 3 days, after which the reservation will be cancelled if unclaimed. Rental fees ($2 for 2 days) are paid at the time of rental. Late returns are fined (at $1/day), and fines must be paid before another video can be rented.

A limited stock of videos is kept for sale, but a member can order a video for purchase.

You are to build a system to support the operations of this business.

Three different parties will use this computer system: the store clerk, the customer, and the store manager.

•        The clerk will add new members and rent out and return videos on behalf of members, including collecting payment of fees. The clerk may warn members several times for late returns.

•        The customer can search for titles (by name) and can place reservations for titles. Members can subscribe themselves for new title notifications.

•         The manager can add new titles and video copies, and print out various reports and statistics.

Learning Outcome(s):Understands the process of creating a work breakdown structure using the five project management process groups illustrated by a Gantt chart. 2 Marks Question One

Use Project Manager to develop WBS and draw a Gantt chart for the video store organized by the five project management process groups (similar to Figure 5-6). The project should start on 1/11/2017 and end on 31/1/2018. Tasks under executing include: System design, Database Design, and Inventory

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