Our group of 5 people should give…..

 Our group of 5 people should give information to clients of Spin Gig company  by working as a consulting firm for Spin Gig company. In order to do this, the TVP#2 should be completed.

 TVP #2 is a client-facing progress document through which your consulting firm is demonstrating its research and creativity traction as the foundation for its Marketing Plan.

Goal: The aim of TVP #2 is for your firm to both inform and excite your client, while having a formal tool that elicits his feedback from which to receive any mid-course corrections immediately following this submission.

By examining the attached files, write a 1 page summary and add some bullet points about Spin Gig`s Expansion Considerations with broad brush strokes indicating our consulting group`s  preliminary Marketing Strategy to build both the Worker Database and support Employer Trial/Usage and Retention.


TVP #2 doesn’t tell your client what your firm will be doing in the future (that was TVP #1) but rather demonstrates what your firm is doing through tangible activities that show urgency of action to advise an effective entrepreneurial marketing program for the next year.

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