The length of your essay response should be…….

The length of your essay response should be around 500 words, but getting your point across is more important than the word count.

The use of technology is deeply embedded in many organizations. Items such as intranets, cloud computing, and smart phones have changed the very nature of how work is completed for many.

Write an essay in APA format including in-text citation describing what does it mean to be a “Digital Firm”? Additionally, discuss in detail how technology is utilized in various areas within an organization that you are familiar with, and describe why information systems/technology is so important in organizations today. A minimum of one reference should be utilized.

All assignments should be completed in a Word document using correct APA formatting (Headers, one inch margins and double spacing, title page and References page, etc.). Points will be deducted for incorrect grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.


Excels in responding to assignment. Interesting, demonstrates sophistication of thought. Central idea/thesis is clearly communicated, worth developing; limited enough to be manageable. Paper recognizes some complexity of its thesis: may acknowledge its contradictions, qualifications, or limits and follow out their logical implications. Understands and critically evaluates its sources, appropriately limits and defines terms. Uses a logical structure appropriate to paper’s subject, purpose, audience, thesis, and disciplinary field. Sophisticated transitional sentences often develop one idea from the previous one or identify their logical relations. It guides the reader through the chain of reasoning or progression of ideas. Uses evidence appropriately and effectively, providing sufficient evidence and explanation to convince. APA style is used throughout and in the correct manner.

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