Relational Models Theory posits that social …..

Relational Models Theory posits that social relationships are intrinsically motivated: people are strongly motivated to create, sustain, and regulate social relationships. People experience these intrinsic social motives as emotions. What social relationships motivate Kaluli men to compose songs and create costumes for performances which, if they are exemplary, result in the performer being severely burned, and then paying the people who burned him? And what social-relational emotions do they experience when they are burned? What is the role played by reciprocity in Kaluli life?

Schieffelin doesn’t answer this question directly, so you will have to make inferences from all aspects of the ethnography that bear on the question. Develop a clear argument about what model (or models) is (are) informing which actions. For your essay you may focus on relationships between individuals or between groups, but in either case provide precise ethnographic details to support your argument, specifying precisely how these details support it. We also recommend reviewing all of your notes and readings on relational models and their conformation systems since being familiar with these will be crucial to correctly spotting their implementation.

Cite all sources; for assigned readings you can simply provide the author and page number; for lectures, simply the title or date.

Your essay should be no more than 800 words (about 2 pages). Give your essay an appropriate, meaningful title, and put your name, TA’s name, and section day and time on the top. Your essay should be double spaced, pages stapled together, with your name on each page.

Week Two: The Sorrow of the Lonely and the Burning of the Dancers

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