Selecting A Research Topic

Selecting a suitable research topic is very important for every student. This not only helps one to come up with a good paper but also ensures the process runs smoothly. The importance of writing a good paper leads the student to feel an enormous and looming weight hanging over their heads as time passes.
If you understand the key steps of selecting a good research topic, it can be easy, fun and quick

Step one: Brainstorm
Brainstorming session helps one to consider the topics which can be best for you. It is recommendable to find some which interesting you, but do not be afraid to go out of the comfort zone. Look at the recent trending events and news, and try to identify whether there is something sparks a creative burst of thought. Have a list of possible choice and start the selection process.

Step two: Select a Topic
Choice a topic that sounds straightforward and obvious. Selecting the right and interesting topic should be a process of elimination. Pick a broad subject, then solidify the idea.

Step three: Get super specific
Getting super specific helps one to identify if the subject has depth and it is worth peruse.

Step four: Define the topic as a question
The question helps the researcher with the paper context. For instance, if your topic is “Remuneration system of the executive in large organization and effect on performance” change it to ‘what is the best remuneration system for top executives in large organizations and its effect on performance”

Step five: Research your topic more and create an outline.


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