The title page should include your name, experiment number and title, lab partner name, and the date the lab was performed

1) Title Page 

The title page should include your name, experiment number and title, lab partner name, and the date the lab was performed.

2) Introduction

This section should include a brief overview of the lab and should not be written in great detail. What is the problem you are trying to solve and why is it worth solving? What useful information should this experiment provide?

3) Experiment 

Under the experiment heading you should state what you are trying to accomplish on a particular part of the lab and HOW you accomplished it. What methods/techniques did you use? Design work should go in this section. This should include schematics, truth tables, equations, or anything else you used in designing or setting up your experiment. *If a lab has multiple experiments, put ALL of the experiment sections together, followed by ALL of the result sections.

4) Results 

The result section should contain the results (data) that you obtained from implementing the experiment as well as an analysis of the results (Explain what the results were and if they were what you expected? How so?). The results could be a truth table of actual results obtained, or it could be a description of what worked, what didn’t work, and why it worked or didn’t work. If VHDL code is used to obtain results always include it in this section. Include pre/post lab questions at the end of this section. Pre-lab questions are turned in with the prior lab’s lab report. Post-lab questions are turned in along with the lab report they are for. For example, lab 2’s report will have pre-lab questions for lab 3 and post-lab questions for lab 2. These are all neatly listed in your handouts, so just make sure you answer all of the listed questions in the handout, even if that means you have to google the answers because you haven’t been taught what something is yet. For non-mathematical questions, that’s often the goal – to make you look up what you’re about to do on your own.

5) Conclusion 

This section should include what you learned from the lab. Please include how you think the lab could be improved for the future. Do not simply summarize the experiment. This is your chance to give feedback on the lab and voice your opinions. Please note any typos in handouts that hindered your understanding of the material (such as if a sentence says to add when the correct operation is to subtract).

The following characteristics are expected of each lab report:

● Professionalism/Neatness

● Not pictures of handwritten notes

● Labeled figures and tables

● Not pictures of figures from your phone

● Screenshots from the computer are an acceptable way to include pictures – but you MUST make sure to clip out the excess borders to make the image readable in your lab report, because eCampus does not let me enlarge images embedded into word documents.

● Commented code (Just a couple of comment lines labelling code sections is fine)

● Acceptable grammar and punctuation

● ALL wiring information/schematics (clearly labeled)

DO NOT copy and paste text straight from handout

The report requires considerable thought to present the information in a logical and concise manner. All reports should be computer generated, using a word processing program and any other applications needed for plotting, drawing, and analysis. Points will be deducted for lab reports with poorly drawn diagrams or hand-written answers.

The “experiment” and “results” section should be based on individual parts of the lab, so it’s likely you will have multiple “experiment” and “results” sections. For example, a lab report for an experiment with three parts would be outlined as follows:

Title Page


Part I:



Part II:



Part III:



Pre/Post Lab Questions (graded as part of the results section)


Feedback (optional)

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