What is the most important idea in this chapter? 

1. What is the most important idea in this chapter?

2. How would you define the term or idea or concept in your own words?

3. Why do you think it is important?

4. Can you give me an actual, specific story from your own life (an event that you saw, read

about, or experienced) that illustrates the topic of your essay?

-tell me a story, like “Last week my friend tried to buy some pants and…” or “Yesterday

on Friends Joey wanted to eat his sandwich and go for an audition, so he…”

-DO NOT use a general or hypothetical example

5. How does your story relate to the topic of your essay?

*The assignment should be at least 2 pages long and must be typed

*Do NOT write your about the main title topic of the chapter; choose one SPECIFIC term

or idea to write about

-(For example you cannot write that “Deviance” is the most important idea in Chapter 8,

the chapter on Deviance. Instead, choose one specific term or concept from that chapter)

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